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Virtual Reality

Apps for Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation

The following apps have been purchased to support HSC Occupational Therapy students, especially in their Neuroscience of Occupation coursework. In OT rehabilitation settings, these apps can be used with clients who have deficits in areas such as:

  • seated or standing dynamic balance
  • visual/spatial skills
  • executive function (problem-solving or sequencing)
  • vestibular function (balance)

This is the list of our Occupational Therapy apps for the Oculus Quest 2, along with their OT applications:

Puzzling Places: bimanual hand use, problem-solving and spatial relations skills

Cubism: bimanual hand use, sequencing (executive function), and dynamic standing balance

Car Parking Simulator: visual scanning, problem-solving (executive functioning), bimanual hand use, and community mobility (return to independent driving)

Air Hockey VR: dynamic standing balance, tracking objects (saccades), vestibular function, timing of motor coordination

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