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Professional Development Resources & Opportunities for HSLIC staff and faculty

Justice, Equity, and Inclusion (JEI) Trainings for HSLIC Employees

It is a requirement that all employees of HSLIC must take at least 3 trainings in the fiscal year offered by or approved by the Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. This page will allow you to see what trainings count towards this requirement. Once you reach at least 3 trainings you will receive a certificate from the JEI Committee. If you have questions about if you've met the requirement or if a training counts please feel free to reach out to the chair of the committee, Kelleen Maluski.

2022-2023 Trainings That Count Towards Your JEI Requirement

Rolling Opportunities

Arranged Opportunities with Specific Dates

2021-2022 Trainings That Count Towards Your JEI Requirement

  • Accessibility on a Medical Campus and Universal Design from Kelly Cano Martinez
    • April 20, 2022, 10-11am, calendar invite sent to all employees

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