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Professional Development Resources & Opportunities for HSLIC staff and faculty

Knowledge Cafe

The Knowledge Café is a monthly meeting for HSLIC staff and faculty to come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and build relationships. This welcoming environment will not only allow us to grow as individuals, but it will foster a more collaborative approach to fulfill our overall library mission. 


Cafe Readings and Presentations

The readings and resources of our Knowledge Cafe are located in the tab.

February 10 

  • Facilitators: Melissa Rethlefsen and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Melissa L. Rethlefsen, Shona Kirtley, Siw Waffenschmidt, Ana Patricia Ayala, David Moher, Matthew J. Page, Jonathan B. Koffel & PRISMA-S Group
  • PRISMA-S: an extension to the PRISMA Statement for Reporting Literature Searches in Systematic Review
  • The topic we will delve into is PRISMA-S which is a compliment to the PRISMA Statement which provides a checklist that could be used by interdisciplinary authors, editors, and peer reviewers to verify that each component of a search is completely reported and therefore reproducible. We would like to promote an interactive discussion, so please read the introduction, Part One and Part Two.

March 11

  • Facilitators: Jonathan Pringle and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • The Native Health Database and its new modifications

April 8

  • Facilitators: Jon Eldredge and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Swedish Health Science Libraries and how they differ from the United States
  • Swedish Health Sciences Librarians will discuss three areas where Swedish health sciences libraries generally are distinct from those patterns four in the US: flat organization and leadership style; roles of unions, and career pathways for health sciences librarians. 
  • A copy of the book chapter can be found here

May 13

  • Facilitators: Kelleen Maluski and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Bringing Race to the Forefront to Engage Students and Teaching Faculty
  • Links to articles can be found here
  • Kelleen's Book Chapter 
  • Presentation on Critical Library Instruction 
  • Critical Race Article

June 10

  • Facilitators: Liz Lawrence and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Transitioning Back to Work after the Pandemic
  •  Question Journal

July 8

  • Facilitators: Ingrid Hendrix and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Evolution of a Disability Curriculum
  • A copy of the article can be found here
  • You may watch the video here

August 12

  • Facilitators: Cristina Serrano-Johonson and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Handouts from the presentation are available below:
  • A great guide to help with burnout
  • Feedback Planner
  • Have you ever experienced reverse delegation?
  • Delegation Planner
  • Critical Feedback

September 9

  • Facilitators: Lori Sloane and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Understanding the new NIH data sharing policy
  • Listed below are articles of interest
  • Global Perspectives of Research Data Sharing
  • Determining Research Data Service Maturity

October 21

  • Facilitators: Dr. Marlene Ballejos and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Holistic Review in UME Admissions (Undergraduate Medical Education)

November 18

  • Facilitators: Anne Lightsey and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Practice a Key Skill That Allows You to Overcome Obstacles and Build Bridges

December 9

  • Facilitators: Kelleen Maluski and Amy Weig-Pickering
  • Read journal article and discuss
  • A copy of the article can be found here 

January 10


February 10


March 10

Facilitators:  Alexis Ellsworth-Kopkowski and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  "Covidence:  Tips and Lessons Learned"


May 12

Facilitators:  Jon Eldredge, Allison Cruise, Melissa Rethlefsen, Sally Bowler-Hill and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  "Lightning Presentations of MLA 2022 Papers and Posters"


Jon Eldredge (L.J. Hall): Developing a Faculty Roles Crosswalk for Health Sciences Librarians

"Many academic and hospital Health Sciences Librarians in the United States have faculty status. Translating HSL faculty responsibilities into terms that their non-HSL faculty counterparts can easily understand represents an ongoing challenge for HSLs. The librarians at HSLIC used a job analysis methodology to develop a Crosswalk that translates HSL job roles for non-HSL faculty members into easily grasped faculty responsibilities." 

Jon Eldredge (C. Nathe):  Building Question Formulation Skills Among Dental Hygiene Students

"This randomized controlled trial involved a 5-minute introduction to question formulation that was accompanied by training on a rubric for all students. The control group students did not receive any additional training whereas the intervention group received a 25 minute training on question formulation that included peer instruction and a hands-on applied exercise. The initial post-test scores were not much different, but when four (4) control group students who studied with intervention group students were removed from the analysis, the intervention students performed far better on the post-test."


Allison Cruise (A. Sawyer, L. Dolan):  Analysis of Public Preprint Server Comments on NIH Preprint Pilot Articles

"Given the increased prevalence of preprints during the COVID-19 pandemic, this project seeks to analyze public comments left on a sample of preprint articles from the NIH Preprint Pilot to determine if they were substantive in nature. Analysis of article titles and qualitative coding of the comments was conducted. This analysis was designed to measure comments on a selected group of articles to provide evidence of the impact of public commenting on scientific rigor." 

Allison Cruise (A.N. Villezcas, A. Ellsworth-Kopkowski, J.D. Eldredge, M.L. Rethlefsen):  Academic Health Sciences Libraries' Outreach and Engagement with Native American Communities:  A Scoping Review

"This review seeks to identify trends in how academic health sciences libraries have supported community engagement and outreach with Native American communities. This comes at a time when a lack of equity and access to health information and low health literacy affect the health conditions of the Native American population." 


Melissa Rethlefsen (N.R. Haddaway, C.A. Ashby):  Developing SearchRxiv: An International Transdisciplinary Repository for Search Strategies

"This presentation explains the collaboration with CABI to develop searchRxiv, a new platform for documenting and sharing search strategies. SearchRxiv ( allows users to create a DOI-stamped record of a search strategy or a search block as documentation and data have been scattered across dozens of resources from individual journals files to institutional repositories"

Melissa Rethlefsen (B Ragon, EC Whipple):  Except for My Commute, Everything is the Same: The Shared Lived Experiences of Libraries During the COVID-19 Pandemic

"This study investigates the impact of COVID-19 on academic health sciences libraries over three crucial periods during the pandemic. Findings provide context for challenges libraries faced and the tactics they employed to ensure services and support for their staff. The study captures the experiences of libraries as they transitioned to remote service environments, evolved over the course of an uncertain academic year, and began to transition or plan to transition back to in person services in some capacity. The study finds that, while library workers were energized to transition to remote services, they later expressed exhaustion with budget reductions, reopening planning, and a lack of certainty."  


Sally Bowler-Hill:  Continuing to Build Consensus Around the Future of Remote Work:  One Library's Study  

  "Based on experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic, this study attempts to understand employee perceptions of remote work as a potential option for normal operations. Two surveys were conducted, before and after developing telecommuting and remote work guidelines for the library. Results show that, while staff and faculty showed overall satisfaction with hybrid work, time and further adjustments may be needed towards improving a sense of connectedness."  


June 9

Facilitators:  Lori Sloane and Deborah Rhue

Topic "Library/Software/Data Carpentries"


July 14

Facilitators:  Ashley Green and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  "The All of Us Research Hub and Workbench" 


August 11

Facilitators: Sally Bowler-Hill, Varina Kosovich, Kelleen Maluski, Jonathan Pringle, Lori Sloane, Amy Weig-Pickering, Kristin Proctor and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  "Seed Funding Recipients and Projects"

Varina Kosovich and Kelleen Maluski:   Wellness Room

Jonathan Pringle and Lori Sloane:  Creating a Web Archives of the HSC Newsroom

Amy Weig-Pickering and Kristin Proctor:  Reading is Healthy Book Club Kits


September 8

Facilitators:  Sally Bowler-Hill and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  UNM Finance 101:  A HSLIC Budget Overview 

In this talk, Sally Bowler-Hill outlines the UNM financial structure, describes the types of funding and where it comes from, defines allowable, unallowable and prohibited expenditures, and presents an overview of the annual HSLIC budget.


October 13

Facilitators:  Megan Joe, Gabriel Hudson and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  "Roles and Mission of the UNM Community Engagement Center"

In this presentation Megan Joe and Gabriel Hudson discuss the role the UNM Community Engagement Center (CEC) plays on campus and throughout the state of New Mexico.  The stated mission of the CEC is to use "university and community assets to meet community identified needs through education, community engagement and leadership development. CEC serves as a university-based  intermediary with communities to implement community goals."

UNM Community Engagement Center



November 17

Facilitators:  Wendell Billingsley, Jonathan Seyfried and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  "HSLIC 3D Printer and Cura Software Demo"

Wendell and Jonathan talk about HSLIC's new 3D printer and its associated software.


December 8

Facilitators:  Lisa Acuff and Deborah Rhue

Topic:  The Research Training Institute (RTI)

In this talk, Lisa shares her experiences at the Research Training Institute (RTI).

Research Training Institute

February 22

Facilitators: Jay Wilson & Alexis Ellsworth-Kopkowski

Organization: Albuquerque BLESS (Black Economic Security & Solidarity) Fund

Organization link:


March 23

Facilitators: Amanda Martinez & Alexis Ellsworth-Kopkowski

Organization: Lobo Pantry

Organization link:

April 27

Facilitators: NMAHEC & Alexis Ellsworth-Kopkowski

Helene Silverblatt— Program Director 

Maria Ward—Program Manager 

Casey Burnett —Data Analyst 

Organization: New Mexico Area Health Education Center (NMAHEC)

Organization link:

Upcoming Knowledge Cafe's

June 22nd at 11:00 AM

Jonathan Pringle & Lori Sloane: ORCID

July 25th at 11:00 AM

HSLIC Seed funding groups

August 17th at 12:00 PM

Oregon Library Association EDI Antiracism Committee

September 21st at 11:30 AM

Cancelled - UX talk with Dr. Lovato from the UNM Valencia campus

October  19th at 11 AM

Graphic Medicine in Libraries with Naomi Bishop from University of Arizona

November 2nd at 12:00 PM

SPLAT (Special Projects Library Action Team) Training


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