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HSLIC Development

Professional Development Resources & Opportunities for HSLIC staff and faculty

Funding Sources

HSLIC's Annual Professional Development Budget

One of HSLIC's Values is to instill the practice of lifelong learning in ourselves and our communities and support continuous professional development. As such, HSLIC budgets a portion of funding for professional development for its faculty and staff.

HSLIC provides funding to faculty and staff members to attend virtual and in-person conferences and seminars. In addition, HSLIC budgets funds for employees to participate in the Medical Library Association's Continuing Education Passport program; invites speakers as part of its Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Committee; and provides access to seminar-style workshops for faculty and staff to participate in as a group. Professional development funds are pooled and are not carried over from year to year. HSLIC employees may find more detailed information on the Professional Development channel of the HSLIC Teams site

Grant Funding

HSLIC faculty are encouraged to add funding for professional development, when appropriate, to grant budgets. Grant funding allows for more professional development opportunities for the Principal Investigator (PI). It may also result in more opportunities for all HSLIC faculty and staff, from the PI's unused HSLIC professional development funds, since HSLIC's professional development budget is a pooled resource.

For more information see HSLIC's Staff and Faculty Development Policy.

Process to Request Funding

HSLIC employees are encouraged to develop a professional development plan with their supervisors each year. Prioritization for travel trips are made by the Executive Director in consultation with Division Heads.

To request funding for professional development, please complete a HSLIC Travel/Professional Development/Event (TPDE) Request Form, available on the HSLIC Dashboard. The request is signed by the employee and their supervisor. Then, HSLIC's Accountant completes a cost estimate, which is approved by the Executive Director. 

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