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Anatomical Models

front view of liver model with vessels

Blood Vessel System of the Liver

A molded human liver with blood vessels, veins and arteries clearly shown.

back view of liver model
full view of life sized digestive system

Life-sized Digestive System

Model replicates the entire alimentary tract from mouth to anus. Includes: Detachable lower jaw half, complete with teeth, muscles of mastication and salivary glands, dissected pancreas exposing the pancreatic and common bile ducts, liver and a 2 part stomach. 

inside view of organs model

Internal Organs

The pancreas, duodenum, gallbladder, spleen and kidney are "suspended" in their natural anatomical positions to allow detailed study from all angles. The pancreas is dissected and the gallbladder is detachable. Dissectible into 2 parts, 3 times life-size. 

front view of organs models
view of three organs with internal structures

Kidney, Nephron, and Kidney Corpuscle

Shows sectioned kidney (enlarged three times), two nephrons (enlarged 120 times), and glomerulus (enlarged 700 times). 

front view of organs

Pancreas with Spleen and Duodenum

Natural size pancreas, the pancreatic duct is shown up to its aperture; the duodenum is partly open.

back view of organs

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