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Anatomical Models

Welcome to the Anatomical Model LibGuide

This LibGuide collects useful anatomy resources for learners and showcases the models available at HSLIC. Each photo links to the library catalog and a PDF of each model's guide. If a guide is unavailable it will be noted below the photo. When working off-campus, log in with your HSC credentials to view the guide.

Models are available for in-person use 24/7.   

Anatomage Table

Located in the 2nd Floor Lobby, HSLIC's virtual anatomy table provides users with a chance to practice anatomy using an intuitive touchscreen. You can view, manipulate, and dissect cadavers in 3D, viewing from different angles and depths. Refer to the Anatomage Table resource guide for more information about features, reserving the table, and more. 

high quality render of the nerves of a human body

Image courtesy of the Anatomage image library. 

Virtual Reality Lab

 Learn anatomy using virtual reality! The library's Virtual Reality Lab includes an anatomy atlas, a surgical preparation program, and a program with real-time simulation of the human body. Visit the Virtual Reality Lab Guide for information about reserving the lab and the programs available. 

image for Organon virtual reality program photo showing scan of human brainAnatomical model looking down

Anatomy eBooks

Online Resources

Not all resources provide images for free.  Be sure and read the terms and conditions policies for each site.

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