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Anatomical Models

Human Heart (smaller model)

Model hinges open to reveal structures of inner chambers. No guide available. 

front view of large heart model

Life Size Human Heart

Sectioned through the ventricles and auricles. The bicuspid and tricuspid semilunar and sigmoid valves are shown.

front view of large heart model
front view of larynx and tongue model

Human Larynx and Tongue

Slightly enlarged. This model consists of five pieces which can be disassembled. Median section shows thyroid gland and muscles. Tongue and lower jaw are removable.

side view of larynx and tongue model
front view of larynx model


Four times life-size model with arytenoid cartilages, hyoid bone, epiglottis and moveable vocal chords. The right side depicts the cartilaginous structure and the left side also shows musculature. 

back view of larynx model

Lung and Trachea Segment

Reproduction of actual anatomy with structure, i.e. shape of lungs, lobes, segments, secondary lobule, arteries, veins, and bronchi. Shows intersegmental septum as uneven, angulated boundary.

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