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Anatomical Models

side view of foot model

Bones, Muscles, Ligaments, Vessels, and Nerves of the Foot

Life size, dissectible into 8 parts. Muscles of foot with lower leg. Plantar fascia and superficial muscles removable to show deep structures.

side view of foot model
front view of hand model

Hand Model

This full-scale model of a human left hand shows a superficial dissection of its dorsal surface which exposes veins, nerves, tendons, and the extensor retinaculum, while the palmar surface features three dissections at progressively deeper levels.

full view of arm model

Muscles of the Arm

Life-sized plastic model of human arm and hand with shoulder, revealing the muscles.

full view of leg model

Muscles of the Leg with Base of Pelvis

Life-sized plastic model of human leg with muscles exposed.

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