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Anatomical Models

front view of cervical vertebra

Cervical Vertebra with Spinal Cord and Origin of Nerves

This 7 times life-size model depicts a section through the human cervical spinal cord situated within the spinal canal of the surrounding cervical vertebra. Also portrayed are the spinal nerves, spinal ganglion, artery and veins of the cervical vertebra. Guide not available. 

side view of cervical vertebra
back view of cervical vertebra
front view of vertebral column and shoulder

Cervical Vertrbral Column with Shoulder Girdle

Natural size model showing the cervical plexus and the brachial plexus.

front view of spinal column

Flexible Spinal Column

Complete pelvis and occipital plate. Full flexible mounting throughout spine.

front view of vertebra

Human Lumbar Vertebrae and Sacrum with Herniated Disc

Adult. Has simulated spinal cord and nerve branches. Lumbar vertebrae 1-4 are removable. A dorsal hernia of the intervetebral disc is situated over the 5th lumbar.

back view of vertebra

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