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Anatomical Models

front view of female pelvis

Female Pelvis

Life size, dissectible into 4 parts. Medium section showing external and internal genital organs, muscles of pelvis and pelvic floor, together with nerves and vessels.

Pelvic Girdle, Female

Model consists of hip bone, sacrum with coccyx and 2 lumbar vertebrae as well as movable symphysis. 

side view of pelvic girdle with identification
side section of pregnancy pelvis with baby

Pregnancy Pelvis, Uterus and Fetus in the 9th Month of Pregnancy

Life-sized cutaway model of uterus with removable fetus. Includes comparative model of uterus and embryo in the 3rd month of pregnancy. Guide not available. 

side section of female pelvis

Section of Female Pelvis

Female genital organs with bladder and rectum fully exposed and removable. Separates into 2 parts. 

side section of male pelvis

Section of Male Pelvis

Life-size, median-sectioned model showing the structures of the male pelvis, including internal and external reproduction organs. One half of the genital organs with bladder and rectum is removable. Dissectible into two parts. 

full view of female male urinary system

Urinary System, Male and Female

Dual-sex model includes easy to change male insert (bladder and prostate, front and rear half) and female insert (bladder, womb and ovaries, 2 lateral halves).

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