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Anatomical Models

front view of head with exposed brain

Base of Head

Life-size model of head shows internal structures of the cranial vault. No guide available. 

side view of head with exposed brain
front view of head and neck model

Head and Neck

Head and neck in 2 halves, showing muscles and blood vessels on 1 side and the osseus skull on the other; parts of the brain included.

side view of head and neck model
side view of head with vessels

Half of the Head and Neck

Model of half of the head shows both exterior and interior, the frontal section at the level of the second molar, median sections, musculature and blood-vessels and nerves of the head and neck.

Side view of head with partial brain
side view of head cavities

Nerves and Blood-Vessels Shown on the Bones of the Face

Displays muscles, nerves, and veins; especially the trigeminal and facial nerves plus the anatomy of the orbits and superficial veins and teeth.

front view of head model

Model of the Head Showing the Position of the Salivary Glands of the Adult

Model after Prof. Spanner. Life size and shows entrance of twelve cranial nerves.

side view of head model
back view of head model

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