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Register for an UptoDate Account

1. Navigate to UpToDate using the above link while on-campus or through off-campus access available through the library, click Log In/Register in the upper right-hand corner.

UptoDate screen with arrow pointing to log in button

2.  Fill out the information in the Register section. You can choose any user name and password that you wish. You must fill in all of the fields.

UptoDate registration screen

3. Click "Accept" to accept the license terms.

4. In order to use the app on your mobile device, you must download it from the relevant app store for your device (e.g. Google Play for Android devices). For instructions on how to accomplish this, please see the UpToDate instructions. Once you download the app, login with the username and password you just created.

IMPORTANT: In order to maintain mobile access to UpToDate, you must log in to UpToDate from on-campus, through library off-campus access, VPN, or through the EHR every 90 days.

How to Re-Verify Your UpToDate Account

Every 90 days, UpToDate requires that you “re-verify” your account.  To re-verify, simply log in to your UpToDate account through a web browser either on campus or through library or citrix off-campus access.  See below for options on how to re-verify.

If your account lapses you will se an alert on your mobile device.  Se iOS example:

screenshot of reauthentication reminder

On-Campus Re-verification

a. While on the HSC campus or in UNMH, go to

b. Enter the username and password you previously created and click login

UptoDate login screen

c. You will now be able to continue to use the mobile app and receive CME credit

Off-Campus Re-Verification through the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center

a. Go to the HSLIC's Homepage

b. Click the UpToDate tab in the search box in the middle of the homepage

c. Click the UpToDate link to go to You will be asked to authenticate with your HSC NetID and password (same credentials as your salud email)

UNM NetID login screen

Off-Campus Re-Verification through Citrix

a. Log in at

b. Double Click the UpToDate icon at the bottom of the menu

c. Once UTD opens, click login/register in the upper right corner and enter your credentials

Expert Help

If you're running into broken links or experience access issues we are here to help.

Call (505)272-2311 or

The email inbox is monitored throughout the working day.  The phone is answered during the library's open hours.