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Research Support Services for HSC

A guide for HSC researchers to learn about where to go for support, and how the library's services are embedded within the broader research lifecycle.


You gathered a well-qualified research team when you prepared your proposal. Now that your award document is here, it is time to formalize the collaborations with your team members outside UNM/HSC. If you are:

Alternatively, you may be a member of a research team and receive an agreement from your external collaborator. For example, if you were part of another institution’s proposal, you can expect to receive an incoming subaward.

Whether the agreement is incoming or outgoing, you will work with HSC offices on the review, approval, and processing of agreements for collaborations.

  • Processing formalized agreements, many of which were likely made during the "Recruit the Team" phase of the "Plan/Propose" stage. 
  • Ensuring PIs and subawardees are using the appropriate forms (see "Subawards" above)


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