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Research Support Services for HSC

A guide for HSC researchers to learn about where to go for support, and how the library's services are embedded within the broader research lifecycle.


Progress / Performance Reports

Progress or Performance reports help sponsors determine eligibility for non-competing renewal/continuation funding.

These reports:

  • Document accomplishments and compliance with the terms of awards.
  • Are often required on an annual basis, though a sponsor may request them at different intervals.
  • When required annually, reports should: describe scientific progress, identify significant changes, report on personnel and plans for next budget period.

Review the award and sponsor terms & conditions to determine frequency, content, and other requirements.

Late or missing progress reports can lead to delayed funding. In most cases, funding agencies will not release incremental funding without timely submission of a progress report.

Most sponsors allow the Principal Investigator (PI) to submit their annual progress reports directly to the sponsor.

Looking for guidance on your Final Progress Reports? Review guidance and information on Closeout Reporting. The HSC Family & Community Medicine's Research Management Team are available to FCM faculty for assistance with annual progress reports and financial reports.

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