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Research Support Services for HSC

A guide for HSC researchers to learn about where to go for support, and how the library's services are embedded within the broader research lifecycle.



All expenditures on a sponsored award must be:

  • necessary,
  • reasonable,
  • allocable to a sponsored award,
  • administered consistently across all sponsored awards, and
  • allowable per the terms of the Award, sponsor requirements, and applicable UNM/HSC regulations.

Review the UNM/HSC Request for Approval to Spend Funds form.

Budget Management

Departments and Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of their UNM/HSC budgets. PIs are responsible for the management of their sponsored awards. Budgets should be reconciled on a regular basis to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are necessary, reasonable, allocable, allowable, and consistently treated.

Program Income

If revenue (from the sale of goods or services) is being generated by an activity, or if the revenue being generated is from a federally-sponsored award then it is considered to be Program Income and this will need to be coordinated through the UNM/HSC Contract & Grant Accounting team.
The HSC Family & Community Medicine's Research Management Team are available to FCM faculty for assistance with ongoing contract reporting and invoicing, and will coordinate monthly budget meetings with an assigned FCM Accountant. They will also assist PIs with annual progress reports and financial reports. 
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