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HSLIC LibGuides Style Guide

This guide is intended for HSLIC employees to assist in the creation of their guides.

Making Guides Accessible

It is very important that the content on our guides be accessible to all of our users. There are things we can do to make sure we are making the guides as inclusive as possible. This work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Making sure color ratios meet necessary standards
  • Building in alternative text to all images
  • Knowing when it is appropriate to use a header or "normal" text
  • Limiting use of different fonts, colors, customization

Please see the guide listed as "Accessibility Guidelines from Seton Hall" below for quick tips on how to make sure you are building accessible guides. All guides must meet these standards before being published.

Also, please know that this is a learning process. It is hard to always know what should be done, building accessibly can be intimidating, and mistakes are normal. That is why you should always feel free to come forward with any questions or concerns you have. Please reach out to Kelleen Maluski (we can figure it out together!).

Resources for Checking Accessibility

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