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HSLIC LibGuides Style Guide

This guide is intended for HSLIC employees to assist in the creation of their guides.



  • Follow accessibility standards, including adding alternate text for all images
  • Check the assets list for the multimedia item you need before creating a new one
    • Map to widgets from our assets list or use a mapped box from the Toolbox
    • If you need a new widget, contact Kelleen Maluski


  • Check the shared images folder to see if what you need has already been uploaded
  • Limit the length of videos to less than 2 minutes to keep people engaged

How To Add Images

  1. Use the "Add/Reorder" dropdown at the bottom of your box and select "RichText/HTML"

Screenshot of selecting Rich Text option in LibGuides

  1. Select the image icon Landscape icon used to add images to LibGuides.
  2. Click "Browse Server" to open the Image Manager Library
    1. If you are using an image you already uploaded, select the image from your "Personal Library" display
    2. Select "Upload New Image" to select a file from your computer
    3. Switch from "Personal Library" to "Shared Library" to find images available for reuse on any guide

Screenshot of shared library page in LibGuides.

How to Add Multimedia

  1. Select "Media/Widget" from the Add/Reorder dropdown menu

Screenshot of selecting Media/Widget option for adding content to LibGuides

  1. Copy the embed code from the video or other multimedia you want to use, and paste it into the box

Screenshot showing the "Create New Widget" options with Name and Embed Code selected to show what needs to be added

  1. Name your multimedia item and click save--this will add the multimedia to your guide and save it to our assets list

Important Reminders About Adding Multimedia

  • Search our assets first to see if we already have it
  • It is okay to add new videos, screencasts, etc., but do not create widgets without consulting Kelleen Maluski
  • If you want to create a new YouTube video, contact our Program Coordinator or another member of the Communications Committee for access to the UNM HSLIC YouTube Channel--do not use your personal YouTube channel or create any YouTube channels in the library's name

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