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HSLIC LibGuides Style Guide

This guide is intended for HSLIC employees to assist in the creation of their guides.

Guidelines for Links


  • Map to links using the "Add Link" feature of LibGuides
    • This ensures your links are mapped to LibGuides assets that can be easily updated by the administrator
    • If the link you need is not already in our assets list, you can create a new link
      • Note: You need to give the link/asset a name so that it is discoverable by other users
    • Check our assets list before creating a new link
  • If you display a description of the link, use "Display beneath item title" or "Hover over 'info' icon"
    • A description is not required for every link
    • Do not use other display types to maintain a consistent look and feel of our guides
    • Make sure all items in the same list have the same display setting


  • Even when you use an asset previously added with another description, you can use a custom link name and description to tell guide users how the resource will meet their information needs--remember you are responsible for maintaining this content
  • Avoid using text links in the rich text editor
    • You must remember to maintain these links yourself as they cannot be easily updated by an administrator
    • You must follow accessibility standards when adding linked text
  • Limit the number of links on a guide--guide users want a curated list of the best resources for their purpose, not an exhaustive list of all the resources available

Adding Links to Your Guide

  1. To add links, use the "Add/Reorder" drop down menu found at the bottom of any box, and select "Link."

Screen shot of Add / Reorder dropdown menu

  1. Choose the tab that says "Reuse Existing Link," and start typing the name of the link you want to add. LibGuides will suggest links that match. Select the one you want and click "Save."

Screenshot of Reuse Existing Link

  1. If you are not sure whether we already have the link you need as an asset, or if you are unsure of the asset's name, you can see all of our assets in the Content menu in the top navigation bar of LibGuides. Opening the Assets in a separate window can be useful when adding multiple links.

Screenshot of Content Menu, selecting Assets

  1. If the link you need is not already in our assets list, you can create a new link (which will be added to our assets list).

How to Edit a Link

  1. Edit or remove a link from your guide by using the edit drop down menu next to the link you want to change.

Edit link drop down menu

  1. In the edit menu you can customize your link description and name and change how the description is displayed.
  2. Select "remove" to delete the link from your guide.

Link Display Examples

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