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HSLIC LibGuides Style Guide

This guide is intended for HSLIC employees to assist in the creation of their guides.


The font that is our default was chosen for a reason. Do not change the font or the size. If you need to change these elements for headings you can do so by selecting a header instead of manually changing the content. If you need to bold, italicize, or change the colors of text please do so sparingly for accessibility reasons.

Design Elements

Image with icons to point out guidelines for color use in creating visuals. All guidelines are also listed in the PDF "Design Color Standards."

Note: These are general rules, if utilizing one of these colors means that the content will not be accessible feel free to swap them for another secondary color option. The only time you need to keep strictly to these outlines is when using the cherry red.

Note: All color numbers on the Brand Kit and additional colors can be utilized in less primary design elements throughout the guides. We just want to make sure that we are keeping the color scheme in line with institutional standards.

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